Wednesday, April 11, 2012

End. In. Sight.

     Ms. Fury is looking pretty today. It's the morning of the final inspection and seeding for the competition. 

     We completed the final finishing touches last night. In particular, you might notice the lovely paint job: hot-rod style flames and a lovely fiery team logo.

     The fence was 0.05" too wide to fit into the car. Since some of the screw heads broke off, we needed to bandsaw the fence into 4 components, end mill the edges, and then drill and tap new holes to keep it together. We also applied some finishing touches with the file.

     The modules and motors seem to all be in order. We are a little worried about a few things, but, whatever happens, this project will be done very soon, and it really is amazing to see what was so recently just a design on a computer actually realized. By us.

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